My mission is to leave people feeling The Spirit of the Village.
My promise is to Break The Habit Of Living Disconnected.

The opposite of happiness is not sadness… it’s loneliness.

Are you yearning to experience true friendship, nourishing connections and a real sense of belonging?

Author John Keho said: “We make each other better and stronger by offering our friendship and love to one another. We must never forget this simple truth that it is our friendships that count the most. It is the personal encounters that bring joy and happiness into our lives.”

Do you agree that our relationships are what truly enrich our lives and make our journey as humans so incredibly beautiful and fulfilling? We all know that authentic relationships are essential for our growth, and many of us believe that without heart to heart connections, our soul suffers. Unfortunately, as you may have realized authentic relationships have become rare, and most people in the West live a disconnected lifestyle. One of the many reasons why relationships are so superficial these days is because most are built on a foundation of lies. We learn to be polite rather than authentic. To hide behind what’s legal rather than do what’s right. To live our lives based on financial considerations and define “success” in terms of material achievements. And most people approach their relationships with one question in mind: what’s in it for me? How can we be truly authentic in our relationship with another when all we see is what we can get out of it?

How about we change that?

A long time ago, I learned from one of my spiritual teachers, Cheri Huber, that one process does not lead to another. This means that you cannot hold individualistic values in your mind and expect that connection and togetherness will be the manifested result. Isolation, independence and individualistic values result in an isolated and individualistic lifestyle. Only thoughts and feelings of connection and belonging will inspire you to create a life full of the experiences that match those thoughts and feelings.

We all want to live a happier life in a “better” world. But happiness means something different to different people, and when we set out to create our very own “happily ever after” life, most of the time we don’t really know where to begin, in spite of all the information available out there about “how to be happy” and “how to make the world a better place”, even though quotes after quotes have clearly told us that we have to “be the change we wish to see in the world”.

What if it is possible for you to experience true friendship, nourishing connections and a real sense of belonging, simply by changing your mind?

And what if you could help bring more humanity into this world in the process?

“If you do not develop your own wisdom, you will be at the hand of someone else’s wisdom”.

Many research, documentaries and direct experiences have shown us how traditional cultures find happiness in simply being together and feeling connected to one another. The excellent documentary Happy clearly demonstrates that “there is a cultural difference that specifically supports happiness through inter-generational contacts”. In the words of an elder from the Bushmen of the Kalahari desert in Southern Africa: “It doesn’t matter what we are doing. Just being together is what makes us happy”. The Bushmen are known to be “genetically more closely related to our ancient ancestors than any group on the planet today”.

In the West, we have been deeply conditioned to create our lives based on capitalistic interests and define “success” in terms of material achievements. The following statement was made by a very wise guest in an interview on a radio show recently: “We opted for a capitalist economy and we got a capitalist society. We use money to relate to each other, and we no longer know how to relate to one another as people.”

The change you wish to experience will not happen if you keep living an isolated life and holding the same pre-programmed individualistic and dividing values in your mind. A total mindset shift is the only way. As an evolved species, we MUST find the courage to make the decision to REALLY live our lives based on more empowering principles and values of goodness and humanity, rather than solely based on financial considerations. And we have to go beyond simply talking about it and sharing wisdom quotes and inspiring stories with each other. It is time to manifest the connected world we wish to live in, and make it an everyday reality, not just a great worldwide event that is designed to unite us all one day per year and make us feel good about our “potential” as a true global village.

The healing wisdom of Africa can assist us in the process of turning a concept and an ideal into an actual every day reality.

What can I do for you?

I have developed a system called The Spirit of the Village to assist you in the process of breaking the habit of living disconnected, by gently changing your mindset.

The Spirit of the Village (SV) is an experience where you feel completely and wonderfully held and nurtured in the safe embrace of your tribe. It is a place where you feel included, welcomed, cared for and loved, like you’ve NEVER experienced before! The Spirit of the Village will help us heal our most common Western social diseases such as stress, loneliness, isolation and depression. Based on the ancient wisdom of Africa, our various programs offer a real and practical step by step process that will transform your life into an exciting journey of connection, happiness, gratitude and celebration. By applying simple, easy to follow steps from the SV journey, you will

  • Create true friendships and nourishing connections for life
  • Live your life according to your own wisdom
  • Experience a new way of being in your daily life that also engages your soul
  • Be part of a global village where you truly belong
  • Create the life of your dreams with more confidence

You will be able to design the foundation for a happier and more connected life based on your own values. “If you do not develop your own wisdom, you will be at the hand of someone else’s wisdom”. And that is sure to affect the quality of your life, as you already know from experience…

The Spirit of the Village Journey will help you build a new life where you are happier, healthier and more successful, one nourishing connection at a time. When you are happy, you do everything better! And you positively affect everyone around you.

This is how you change your world into a much better place.

Read HERE to find out how attending one of Jacky’s presentations about the Spirit of the Village inspired writer Jill Dahl to take a “simple yet really hard challenge” and write an article about it in VancityBuzz in March 2015.

It is difficult to put into words just what my trip to Africa means to me. Never before have I had the honor of meeting such joyful, welcoming and beautiful people as I did in Kenya and Uganda.
Christie Dart, a happy client of

Why do I want this for you?

I come from Cameroon, in Central Africa. My foundation for life was rooted in togetherness. I grew up listening to stories that promoted togetherness, solidarity and collaboration, respect for the elders, for nature and the ancestors. I had a very strong sense of belonging. All the adult women in my community were aunties, the men were my uncles, and the children were my brothers and sisters. I had no choice but to live a connected life, and that’s all I knew to be true. Until I was sent to live in the Western world at age 9, in Paris more specifically. There, everything changed and I experienced the trauma of disconnection. Now I live in Vancouver BC, and I find the reality of disconnection to be even greater here!

I know how it feels like to live a connected life in the middle of economic challenges, and I know how it feels like to live a disconnected life in the middle of material abundance. How about we create a life where we have it all?  What if we could enjoy meaningful relationships, feeling genuinely connected to others, AND everything that material abundance can provide?

As an adult, my journey in the West has been about claiming back what I knew to be true from direct experience: that a life filled with authentic connections and a real sense of belonging is possible and has value. That I can relax in the knowing that someone always has my back, no matter what happens to me. And as a result, I can focus on contributing to life with my gifts, with total confidence.

And I sincerely want that life for you, for all of us. Because when we all choose authentic connection over separation and isolation, we collectively create a better world for everybody.

But we are in the habit of living disconnected. How do we change our mind from the roots?

Simple. We develop the Spirit of the Village Mindset.  We keep practicing living a connected lifestyle until we literally change our mind, and the whole process becomes effortless and natural. We practice until living connected becomes once again our natural state.

My 30-day Village Challenge will give you a glimpse of what’s possible when you choose a more connected lifestyle. At the end of the challenge, you will enjoy

  • The experience of true friendship
  • The experience of nourishing connections
  • The experience of the feeling of belonging
  • Greater confidence in your ability to manifest the life of your dreams

And of course, you will feel HAPPIER.

Together, let’s break the habit of living disconnected!!!
Join the SV journey. Join the village challenge now.


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